How Black Owned Businesses Can Change America

How Black Owned Businesses Can Change America

Representation in the market place is a big deal for any group of people. African Americans have unfortunately not seen a lot of representation in America, at least not positive representation. It is important for our communities to see the value in supporting black owned businesses and how doing so can allow us to break the cycle. We know the united states was built on systematic racism but as technology has progressed it has allowed us to get around that system.

We all must get involved in the market place and stop supporting businesses that profit off of our oppression. When we can get billions of dollars flowing through our communities it will allow us to make the necessary changes in the way our neighborhoods are governed. We know that our communities are in desperate need of resources and we must do all we can to bring those resources back to the community. This is for our people and we must not stop until we reach our goal.

Now it is time to harness the power of our community to build our own economy. Only when the power is evenly distributed between each other, will we be able to move forward together.

Every time you purchase a product from a black owned company you are helping to uplift a company that is similar to yours. You are telling all of your peers that it is ok to be black and successful.

How Technology Has Helped Progress Our Movement

We can now form our own communities and in many cases we can leverage technology to connect with each other and create our own small business groups. It is very important for black owned businesses to showcase their products and services in a way that allows them to be seen and to be supported. If we want to be truly free in this country we need to stop relying on the system to provide for us and start supporting each other.

For this reason it is time that we capitalize on market places that have been taken over by our oppressors all because of their systemic racism. This is why Black Owned Businesses Matter.Technology has allowed us to receive information at very fast rates which has allowed us to share the wealth of information, people, and companies with each other.

When you buy from Black Owned Businesses.

When you support black owned businesses you are helping to create wealth within the black community. You are also helping to decrease crime, provide jobs, increase efficiency, and reduce taxes. For example, Black-owned businesses were responsible for creating 24% of new jobs.