Representation Matters
Our Hair Affirmation books are now available for Pre-Sale! Not only do you get a positive word of affirmation on every page you also get hairstyles and haircuts that are centered around our culture and history. Because ALL of our kids deserve visibility Albino, Autism, Vitiligo, and Down Syndrome editions are also available for our fearfully and wonderfully made children.

Presale orders will be mailed out starting December 1st, 2024.

Why Representation Is Important

Studies have shown that seeing positive representations of oneself in the marketplace is beneficial for children growing up. It can help form a positive self image and improve self esteem. It can also help children feel more included and accepted in society.

Lets Get Started!

Minority owned businesses that provide positive representation boosts the self image of our children and promotes a positive depiction in the marketplace. This assists kids in feeling acknowledged in the mainstream economy and increases their chances of success. It also helps develop a sense of pride in their culture and allows them to appreciate the beauty and richness of their heritage.

Making A Difference Through Positive Representation

Giving Back

The You Are Brand is committed to community and giving back! Every time we receive an order a box will be given to an underprivileged Child. They too need to know that they are beautiful, talented, valued and much more!

Just Imagine!

Imagine having these when you were a kid! Powerful words that helped propel you to see yourself in a different light. Our crayons allow children to receive a daily reminder of their uniqueness and brilliance one positive affirmation at a time.

Positive Affirmations On Every Crayon

While coloring, drawing or just reading each affirmation your child will get a positive word that allows them to see themselves in an encouraging, promising light!

Why Positive Affirmations?

When said regularly positive affirmations assist children in brightening their outlook on the world and improves their mental wellness. They'll feel more hopeful about their future and aid them in believing that they can succeed in spite of the obstacles they may face.

Affirmations On Each Crayon

Let Them Know They Are Special